From our Trout Creek Rip Rap Quarry, ACA offers an extensive selection of Shot Rock Angular Rip Rap for a variety of applications. Whether your project requires Colorado Department of Transportation or other gradation-specific riprap, a project retaining wall or erosion control material, or decorative riprap for landscaping purposes, ACA can fill your order.

Our riprap material is a granite base, shot-rock angular material with both crystalline and pyrite accents. It most commonly comes in a grey/white speckled color with subtle hints of brown, orange, pyrite and crystal. Its color, shape and durability make it suitable for major construction needs, or a decorative twist to xerascaping.


3 ” to 6” Mountain Grey Granite 6 ” to 15 ” Mountain Grey Granite 15 ” to 36 ” Mountain Grey Granite 3' plus Mountain Grey Granite