Our commitment to safety:

ACA Products believes that our employees are our most valuable resource and that their health and safety is our greatest responsibility. At all levels of the organization safety and accident prevention is practiced to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Through continuous training and communication ACA Products has proven our commitment to the safety and health of not only our employees, but to the general public and communities in which we work.

To accomplish this end the following are practiced:

  1. 1) Project specific safety training is implemented on all construction project job sites where employees learn about specific hazards relating to that project and how to eliminate or mitigate those hazards.
  2. 2) Annual Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) training is conducted so that employees are updated with specific hazards that are known to effect our sand and gravel surface mining industry.  Newly hired employees are required to receive a minimum of 24 hours MSHA safety training.
  3. 3) In addition, for the safety of not only our employees but also the traveling public, ACA Products has implemented Drug and Alcohol testing that meets Federal and State safety guidelines.  Workers are pre-employment tested and are also subject to random testing throughout the year.

Finally, ACA Products is Cost Containment Certified.  This certification recognizes that we manage safety effectively and have certified plans to manage any safety incidents professionally, with the ultimate goal of returning workers to their jobs as quickly as possible.