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The same quality control as used in our aggregate and concrete divisions is also applied to our asphalt. Regular quality control tests are completed on the core aggregates as well as the finished asphalt mix. ACA’s on-site testing laboratory is equipment with an asphalt burn-off oven, which tests the asphalt binder (oil) content in the asphalt. The testing of the aggregates and the asphalt binder content is then matched against our asphalt mix designs which has been created by a qualified engineering and testing firm.

Our asphalt has been used on Colorado Department of Transportation Construction Projects, on CDOT Highway Maintenance Projects, on County Road Projects, on City Street Projects, on public and private parking areas, and on public and private driveways.

As in all our other product lines, high quality asphalt is our standard.


CDOT SX (75) Asphalt Concrete – PG 58-28
CDOT SFines Asphalt Concrete – PG 58-28

High quality paving construction is our goal as we strive for nothing less than customer satisfaction. With a variety of certified mix designs, ACA Products provides a mix that stands the test of the Colorado Department of Transportation and every paving job carries with it our standard two-year warranty covering materials and workmanship. ASPHALT